🍧Ordichef Collection

Get ready to devour the culinary masterpieces

484 unique chefs with for Alpha Rune hunter

Get ready to feast your eyes on the Ordinals Chef collection, coming soon to the Rune. This ain't no ordinary collection, it's a culinary masterpiece crafted by our team of top-notch chefs.

  • Each NFT in this collection is represented by a unique Rune, with a total supply of 1 and divisibility of 0. 🍽️ That means each Rune is one-of-a-kind, just like the dishes our chefs whip up.

  • Now, you might be wondering why we're not storing the metadata on-chain. Well, gas prices are a bit spicy right now, and we don't want to pass that cost on to you. Plus, this is still the alpha period, so we're keeping things flexible for future upgrades. 💸

  • But don't worry, your precious NFTs are safe. In the future, we'll be migrating them 1:1 to the stable version of Rune, where they'll be stored securely on-chain.🔒

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