🍫Snack Box

For Alpha


Anticipation is high within the Rune community as we await the launch of Rune 🚀. To keep the excitement alive, the Ordichef team has prepared a snack 🍪. This snack is not just a treat, but a symbol of our shared anticipation 🤝.

So, let’s enjoy this snack together as we count down to the launch of Rune, a testament to the innovation and engagement that lies ahead 💡.

Whitelist Eligibility

Yo! 🎉 You’ve got some rad ways to get in on the Snack Box minting action 🎁. Pick the one that vibes with you:

  • Be a lucky holder of any of these rad collections:

    • Bitcoin-frog🐸

    • BitcoinWhale🐋

    • BitcoinBandits🦹‍♂️

    • Btc-machines 🤖

    • OMB 💣

    • Ordinal-fomojis 😎

    • SATS 💰

    • ORDI 📊

  • Show some love to Ordinals Chef with onchain interactions 💻. Your engagement counts!

  • Score the “Snack Box WL” role on our Discord server. If you’ve got the role, you’ve got the ticket!

Minting Process

Alright, ready to roll? 🎲 Here’s your game plan:

  • Head over to Ordichef Snack Box 🚀

  • Hook up your wallet (Xverse is the way to go) 💼

  • Do a quick eligibility check ✔️

  • Grab your box and let the fun begin! 🎁

Box Utilities

Alright, crypto enthusiasts! 🚀 Here’s your golden ticket to the crypto wonderland! 🎟️

  • You’ve got a shot at scoring an NFT from the exclusive Chef Collection through our Raffle 🎰. And guess what? We’re using blockhash, so it’s as fair and decentralized as it gets. No funny business here, just pure, unadulterated crypto fun! 🎲

  • But wait, there’s more! All you Snack Box holders out there, get ready to rake in some Rune when our main man Casey launches the first Rune transaction. It’s like your birthday came early! 🎂

  • And if that wasn’t enough, we’re rolling out the red carpet for you with early access to Rune Alpha. You’ll be the first to witness the magic unfold! 🌟 So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and let the crypto adventure begin! 🌊"

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