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Single Inscription

Users can explore the various inscriptions and add them to their Ordinal. The inscribe's fee will be split between the owners of these inscriptions.

Ordichef offers a transparent platform for reusing inscriptions, with all transactions recorded on the blockchain.

Collection Creator

Original Collection:

Artists will construct their own collections using their own inscriptions, then upload them to others so that they can inscribe their Ordinals using layers designed by the artist. Artists will then get inscription fees from their own users.

Derivative Collection:

Successful collections will result in strong communities. Amateur artists who wish to start their own collection but lack the resources to build a project from scratch can inherit from prior collections, inherit work, or be supported by the collection community itself

This collaboration will benefit both the original collection owners and the derivative artists. Original collection owners continue to receive royalties from the Single Inscription policy, while derivative artists benefit from community support.

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