🍓No-Code Ordinal Generator

Inscribe your own Ordinals like a pro, without needing any coding expertise

Users can create a quick Recursive Ordinal without knowing any lines of code by following these steps

Step 1: Login With your wallet

Step 2: Create Pantry

Step 3: Adding layers

Step 4: Uploading traits

There are two ways to upload traits, which can be reused by inscription id already on the ordinals network or uploading your new images

Example: https://scan.ordichef.xyz/preview/91872c28f0de58997cddff8e0347e4210b65b807eb6bca6f7d82c6fddce4594ei0 => 91872c28f0de58997cddff8e0347e4210b65b807eb6bca6f7d82c6fddce4594ei0

Note: In the case of using new images for the trait, the user will have to inscribe the trait before being able to generate a complete Recursive Ordinal.

Step 5: Select the trait of each layer to complete the desired ordinals

Step 6: Add items to the collection

Once we have put all the items you want into the collection, we can start INSCRIBING by clicking on Publish Collection

Once you're sure the trait you use are all inscribed, you can add inscribe your own recursive ordinal

Step 7: Inscribe traits (That have not been inscribed on chain)

After minted all traits, we can go to the next step

Step 8: We are using recursive standard so that we ll need metadata

Step 9: Inscribe items

The steps to inscribe items will be similar to those of inscribe traits in the first steps

Good job Chef 👏!

After successful transactions, we have a complete Recursive Collection 👍

Hope you had a great experience in our kitchen 🎉

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