🍵Terms of service

  1. Be aware that if there’s a backlog of orders on the platform, this could cause delays in the processing of on-chain transactions. We can’t assure you of the exact timing for on-chain processing.

  2. The rate you’re seeing now doesn’t reflect the real-time on-chain rate. Keep in mind that the on-chain rate is subject to change.

  3. f your payment account has any outbound transactions that are yet to be confirmed, it’s advisable to halt the payment or switch to a different account for the operation.

  4. If you come across orders that are currently being engraved, kindly wait for the miner’s confirmation. Please note that once a transaction is in progress, it cannot be cancelled.

  5. We cannot be held accountable if users are accessing from jurisdictions where cryptocurrency is prohibited. It’s crucial for users to comply with their local laws and regulations.

  6. Please exercise caution when dealing with inscriptions in your wallet. There’s a possibility that the wallet you’re using may not handle inscriptions effectively, leading to the loss of inscriptions during transactions. For the safekeeping of important subscriptions, it is recommended to use a separate wallet.

Please make sure you fully comprehend these risks and are prepared to accept all consequences that may arise from them.

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